Ford Focus ST Sitting on 5 Spoke Wheels

If you are on a constricted budget yet hoping for a value for your money, then undoubtedly 2017 Focus ST should be your ultimate choice. Though there are many new models after this car yet the return of value in such a tight budget will definitely give other sports cars a run for their money.
Ford’s hot hatchback, Focus ST has soon made a mark with its sporty flair since there has been a recent rising trend in the sales of sports car. The car comes with five-door configuration or specifically it is a four-door hatchback which makes the car practical along with the boosted speed.

There are many Focus ST enthusiasts out there that have been sporting the Aodhan wheels. Their passion for the car is mostly driven due to the superb performance by the EcoBoost of 252 horsepower owed to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder, 270 lb-ft of torque which straightaway finely handles the front wheels due to the six-speed manual gearbox. The center fitted exhaust gives it a sporty look while the interior design is quite stylish. Some other appealing features can be electronic stability control, heated front seat and steering wheel, efficient fuel consumption, stiff suspension making rides pleasant and smooth over rough roads. Also the front wheels offer great power

However there are some disappointing setbacks to the hatchback. The fuel tank is not big enough since it can go up to 250 miles with a full gas tank so constant refueling is required. the torque steer can still be problematic and MyFord Touch is often found to be confusing. Also the backseat and the cargo aren’t quite spacious.

Yet the drawbacks aren’t strong enough to make you overlook the tantalizing features and benefits the car comes with. The advanced technology with blend of chassis dynamics will surely give you an adventurous thrill in your rides. And you can afford it at a tempting price of $25,60 !

So what’s holding you back ?



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