Eco-friendly Cars

The future of Earth is not so good-given the mass pollutions on which it is drowning. Smokey ashes shroud the atmosphere that chokes the planet which provides the very essence of life. However, not all men are cold to ignore this truth-and this is where the automotive industries come in. It is not a new thing to share that combustion engine is like the Satan of the hell called pollution.  They produce carbon di oxide as a byproduct which a greenhouse gas. Yes! They contribute massively to global warming-which is the melting of polar ice caps and doom of mankind.

Over the years, the primary aim of automotive manufacturers to reduce pollution was to make sure that their cars produced the minimum amount CO2. They, indeed, have prospered immensely in doing so. One of the greatest break-through was the catalytic converter. It is basically device placed on the region from where the exhaust fumes come out. What the catalytic converter does is that it converts the harmful carbon di oxide gas in to harmless gases which does little or no harm to the environment. However, this does have problems! In order for this to work the converter must be warm which means the function will only work if the car travels long distances. So, for short journey this is no solution! With the passing of time- automotive researchers searched for the solution. The solution that would put automobiles out of the maps of environmentalists- and they would no longer be seen as a primary culprit.

As I imagined one of the automotive workers might have blurted out: ‘Perhaps, we should remove the combustion engine”. Hence was the arrival of electric cars-cars which ran on electricity.

Now, in the primary stages electric cars were not as prosperous as one might have guessed. At first a very valid argument was raised that electricity itself are produced by burning coal and producing greenhouse gases-so what’s the point. The key here was efficiency-electric cars are very efficient making full use of the energy provided and thus relatively they are responsible for less pollutions. However, to this day electric cars are banned in many third world countries, for example: Bangladesh.

Today, there are many eco-friendly cars in the market, most of which are concept and not yet developed as manufacturing products. Take for example the solar powered car, or the car that runs on hydroelectricity. The ideas behind these are marvelous. However, car enthusiasts still feel that electric cars or car powered by any efficient sources can never replace fuel powered cars. The sheer power, the roaring of the engines etc can never be replaced!  This is currently the goal of automotive manufacturers: to make an eco-friendly car that would give the equivalent satisfaction as given by a fuel powered car. Although, eco-friendly car technology has succeeded greatly over the number of years- it don’t change the fact that automotive industry is still one of the top polluters. Hopefully, the future will be an optimistic one and no car would ever harm the environment.

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