BMW R1200GS ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Rallye’ Launch

The ultimate driving machine. The beast. That’s what they call BMW, the most posh of all posh brand of cars. The BMW GS series is considered a living legend with it molding the segment of travels for 32. They set engineering standards to the highest level and have proven to be trustworthy companions on every riding adventure. So the world was eagerly waiting for the BMW Motorrad to write a new chapter in its story of success by taking the R1200GS into a new era.

While the GS was on the workbench, BMW made some small feature changes by updating the clocks, making useful revisions to the drivetrain. This included an anti-judder damper on the transmission and output drive, modifications to the transmission shaft and selector drum. The change in feature result presents technical revolutions in the world of classy automotive. In fact, the core of the new R1200GS is the powertrain concept with liquid cooling and vertical flows through its cylinder heads. The extremely stable suspension is uncompromising when it comes to transferring the maximum performance to the road or even the roughest of terrains. And thanks to the science of flexible ergonomics, the rider can experience every new adventure with ease, thereby upholding its tagline of the ultimate driving machine.

After testing the improved super-smooth Euro4 compliant, it was found out that the GS was a tangible step forwards in refinement against the previous model. What was new for this year was the addition of an optional self-levelling suspension. This was the next step in ESA for BMW, which means that the suspension automatically adjusts for luggage, pillion or both by delivering the optimum pre-loading settings.

Physically there are minor changes in addition to the changes compared to the early 2016 mentioned above. The first test starts off with the new Exclusive GS, recognizable most easily by its trademark ‘Iced Chocolate Metallic’ paintjob. The fuel tank side trim panels are finished with a ‘Monolith Metallic Matt’ that feature bold R1200GS markers on each side. The frame is then powder-coated in Agate Grey metallic matt, all the while the drivetrain being finished in black, with gold-colored calipers for the brake.

If this new Exclusive doesn’t get anyone’s taste buds going, luckily, we still have the Rallye with us. The Rallye is a like more off-road biased, half a house away between your standard GS and the GS Adventure. The Rallye got some nice little touches under its hood, too with the HP-style blue frame, radiator, shorter seat, sports windshield and frame guards, and wider enduro footrests. Suspension upgrades can also be available for you if you want to really go off onto the road. The Rallye basically comes as dual-purpose rubber by standard, but you can adjust knobblies at the point of ordering, and BMW have a fitting off-road rubber for the spiked wheels, so full advantage can be taken of the Rallye’s off-road skills.

The new R1200GS promises to deliver that matches BMW’s standard in robustness, reliability, and performance.

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